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Call us on: 01609627004

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BuyVia direct debit

If you see BuyVia on your bank statement it is due to you having and BuyVia membership. BuyVia direct debit is how we collect your membership fees. The BuyVia payment will appear on your bank statement as Eazycollect Re OR

BuyVia reviews

We love reviews at BuyVia we have built a world class system call BuyVia reviews. You can leave a BuyVia review for us or for any website or product you like review BuyVia any time. We love to here your feedback

Direct Debit

BuyVia Direct Debit

We accept Direct Debit (DD) for membership you can make payment per month or payment per year. Customers paying by Direct Debit save us time and money and we can pass this benefit back to you. 

BuyVia customers who pay by Direct Debit pay the same amount every month. If you want to pay BuyVia Direct Debit, we will agree the amount with you and then your payment will be automatically debited from your bank account. A quick and simple way to set up your Direct Debit is through our online customer service. You can log in and register here. Once registered, you'll find the option to 'Set up a fixed Direct Debit' under Enquiries on the right hand side of the screen.

If you are not sure what your monthly payment is likely to be, BuyVia account area shows your monthly amount, and then review this every four months to check if it needs adjusting.
Once you are set up on Direct Debit we will send you confirmation of the amount and date that the first Direct Debit payment will be collected. We will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited.

How Does A Charge Appear On My Bank Statement?

For all accounts this appears as:

  • ""
  • "Eazycollect Re 01609627004"
  • "Eazycollect Re BuyVia 01609627004"
  • "#BUYV-MT" or Eazycollect Re on the customer's statement.

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