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How summer can affect your home security

How summer can affect your home security

With the warmer months upon us, it is easy to slip into a more relaxed summer state and forget about the effects that heat can have on our home security if you were even aware that it could have an impact at all. While, for the most part, we remember advice about not sleeping with windows open so as to minimise the risk of burglary there are other effects that higher temperatures can have on the security systems we have in place to protect our homes.

False Alarms

Many home security systems use PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors on the windows. These sensors work by detecting abrupt changes in temperature, for example a change from room temperature to body temperature and back again. This indicates to the sensor that someone may have just walked through the room, and thus trigger an alarm. These types of sensors are generally not suitable for use in rooms that have a lot of glass in them such as conservatories, or rooms that can be subject to extreme changes in tempe...

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