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Cyber-Security Insurance: The Basics

Cyber-Security Insurance: The Basics

Cyber-security is a increasingly hot topic for businesses in recent times, having become a necessity for organisations of all types in the digital age. In light of the rise of cyber-attacks, more businesses are considering cyber insurance as a viable method to cover the expenses which can arise as a result of such attacks. This can help business owners to safeguard the assets of their business and ensure their business remains viable even under the pressure of a cyber threat.

In this blog we will take a look at contemporary cyber threats which can target business owners, how cyber insurance can safeguard your business if it is affected by such threats, and what steps you must take when looking at investing in cyber insurance for your business.

Why is cybersecurity a central issue for businesses?

Over the past decade, with the increasing reliance on technology, correspondingly, the rate of cyber-attacks has grown exponentially. Fur...

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