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Cash Apps and your family

Cash Apps and your family

Tech is taking over every aspect of life, and it was almost inevitable that it would filter into the everyday aspects of banking. While most of us trust our own banks app, cash apps such as Cash App and Venmo are becoming more popular among the younger generation who are less keen to carry cash for their convenience in being able to quickly transfer money between people without the need for strings of numbers and complicated security checks.

Cash apps act as an easy tool to split a bill or repay someone for a purchase. They can also act as an easy way for parents to send their kids money for expenses if they’re out with friends, or meals at school. They allow children as young as 13 to open an account and have a debit card linked to that account. However, there are some risks than can come with allowing a child who is only just old enough for an Instagram account access to these apps. Here we share some tips to help you ensure that your children are as savvy as possible...

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