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Can your smart home devices be hacked?

Can your smart home devices be hacked?

The short answer is, yes. As technology continues to advance and these nifty bits of kit become more and more accessible, cyber-criminals continually look for ways to exploit this. Smart home devices such as Ring Security System, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home devices can all create a computer network which have countless functions, from opening and locking doors, to managing appliances, streaming music and audio, and even helping to organise our everyday lives.

Hacking of smart home devices is a pretty new threat, what with the widespread use of these devices being a rather recent development in itself. Although convenient, this technological ecosystem that is embedded within millions of our homes may be vulnerable to malicious actors looking to access the innards of your life, home and activities. In this article, we consider how smart home devices can be hacked, how this could be done, and the steps that the companies making these devices are taking to prevent this fro...

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