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Are Discord Chats Vulnerable to Malicious Activity

Are Discord Chats Vulnerable to Malicious Activity

It has been six years since the launch of Discord’s chat and VoIP service, and this platform has become a popular tool for building communities within gaming. However, just like any other platform that hosts user-generated content, Discord can be exploited by hackers and cyber criminals. Discord chats have extensive customisation options available and this opens the door to attacks on ordinary users, both on and off the chat server. Recent research into Discord security has revealed several cyber attack scenarios linked to its chat service, some of which can be truly dangerous for users. This article will let you know how they do this and how to protect yourself.

How is malware being spread through Discord?

Malicious files are being distributed through Discord and these represent the most obvious threat. A recent study identified several dozen types of malware. This threat is “obvious” because sharing files through Discord is really easy; every file uploaded to...

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