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Knowing When to Buy a New Laptop to Get the Best Price

Knowing When to Buy a New Laptop to Get the Best Price

When to Buy a New Laptop?

There's nothing worse than dropping a lot of cash on a brand new laptop, only to see it go on sale for hundreds less in a few weeks' time.

But did you know it's possible to predict when the prices of laptops are going to get lower? This article offers you some great tips for getting the best deals when buying a laptop.

Do You Need It Now?

Sometimes, it makes sense to wait for the right time to buy a new laptop, but other times, it doesn't. If you need a laptop for work or school, for example, you don't really have time to wait for a good price.

On the other hand, if you have an older laptop that still works but is just starting to show its age, it might be better to wait in order to get the best possible price.

Looking for a MacBook?

There are many reasons you might only want to consider a MacBook. For example, you might use software that's only available on Mac. Many professionals in the audio industry favour Apple’s Logic program, which isn't available on a Windows machine.

MacBooks use Intel chips, so if you're looking to buy one, take a look at the latest Intel CPUs. Do the current MacBooks have the latest Intel CPUs in them? If they don't, there's a good chance Apple will be coming out with new MacBooks containing the latest Intel CPUs within the next few months.

Quite often, the jump to the next generation of CPUs results in a huge increase in performance. This means it's often worth it to wait for the new generation of MacBooks.

Know the Laptop Release Schedule

Generally, you can expect laptop manufacturers to release their new systems three times a year.

The first release window of the year is in the back-to-school season. Generally, this season is between June to September. The next laptops will start to be released to coincide with the holiday season, from around September to December. Finally, you'll see some new models released in the spring, from around February to April.

Generally, the back-to-school period is one of the best times to purchase a new laptop. This applies to both Macs and PCs. During the holiday season is also a great time to purchase a laptop. A lot of the time, the prices are just as low as during the back-to-school season.

If you're in the market for a new laptop, it's certainly worth waiting until one of these time periods if you can. But this doesn’t mean the price of every single laptop will fall at these times. If you have your eye on a specific laptop, you might find the price doesn’t change at all during the holiday season or back-to-school period.

Make Some Compromises

The best way to get a good deal is to have a good understanding of the specifications you're looking for and to take advantage of any offers as they come up. You might not get a good deal on the specific laptop you wanted, but you'll almost certainly get a good deal on a system with similar specs.

There are even online services that can do all of the research for you. For example, we can keep you informed when products you are interested in are on offer.

Keep an Eye on the Hardware Manufacturers

When companies like Intel and Nvidia come out with new hardware, you know that new laptop models will be coming out. When Intel introduces a new line of CPUs, the subsequent release of new laptops containing them will lower the price of the laptops containing older CPUs.

If a new Intel release is on the horizon, it isn't a good time to buy a new laptop. If you wait for the next generation of laptops, you can either get a laptop with better performance or you can get a better price on the previous generation, which will almost certainly drop in price.

The same can be said of GPUs. Nvidia has recently released a new line of graphics cards. If you're in the market for a gaming laptop, you would be better off waiting for the next generation of systems.

Consider Alternatives

If you want to save money, you should ask yourself: do I really need a laptop? For certain situations, there may be cheaper alternatives available.

Consider where you're going to be using the PC. If it's just going to stay on your desk 100% of the time, you should consider purchasing a desktop computer instead of a laptop.

Desktop computers are generally much cheaper than laptops of similar specs and they're also more reliable. You can also upgrade the parts on a desktop computer, whereas this is less likely to be possible on a laptop.

You can even buy all of the components for a desktop computer yourself. Putting together your own PC is probably the most affordable way to get a computer system.

Tablets are also a good alternative to laptops. If you just want to do simple tasks like browsing the web, watching Netflix, and doing word processing, it might make more sense to get a tablet. If you need to use certain programs though, this might not be a viable solution.

Buying a Laptop Is Easy

If you're considering buying a laptop, it makes sense to wait until the back-to-school or holiday season. If you can do this, you're almost guaranteed to save some money.

Before you buy anything, check out the state of the CPU and GPU markets, also make sure to check our offer for any discounts on laptops. If a new series of hardware has just been released or is about to be released, it's probably a bad time to buy. If you can hold off for a little bit, it'll be well worth your money to get a laptop you want for cheaper.

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