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Wallet Accommodations: How to Save on Hotels

Wallet Accommodations: How to Save on Hotels

The average Englishman takes three holidays a year.

Having an enjoyable holiday without breaking the bank is indeed a dream for many people. The good news is that this is achievable.

It’s no secret that accommodations eat up the largest chunk of the travel budget. Are you wondering about how to save on hotels?

Here are some tips towards that end.

1. Travel in the off Season

Low season travel has two perks: lower costs and smaller crowds. With fewer people travelling, hotels try to attract numbers by dangling lower rates. Our suggestion? Take the bait.

When you think about it, sightseeing is more fun when you are not literally fighting crowds.

2. Avoid Weekends

If you are particularly averse to off-season travel, how about opting for weekdays?

Most hotels have lower rates on weekdays unless their core clientele is business travellers.

3. Shop Around

There are multiple online resources to help you with your search.

You will find similar hotels at varied pricing. Once you identify several enticing offers, you can get an even better rate by calling the hotel directly.

One way to negotiate the rate is by asking for the lowest non-refundable deposit allowed and negotiating on that.

Another way is by paying a refundable deposit. Then find a better rate, and ask the original hotel to match the price. You just might get a discount, or at least an upgrade.

While you shop around, have a budget, and stick to it.

Similarly, widen your location. At times, the more central the location, the higher the accommodation rates.

Check if your destination has a reliable transportation system to take you to the sites you wish to visit.

If it does, you will save some money by picking a hotel a few miles away.

4. Join a Loyalty Program

These are available from both hotel chains and travel agencies.

Most of these are free to join, and you can get discounts off your flight or even get free nights or discounts on other facilities they offer.

5. Be Flexible on Accommodation Choices

Are you travelling in a group? Look for villas, apartments, and rental homes as well.

You might find the cost for these is much lower compared to getting individual rooms for everybody.

6. How to Save on Hotels: Coupons

Before making a booking, search online for coupons and promos. These are available on booking websites and the hotel establishments themselves.

To top up the total costs, consider making a direct debit. Be sure to mention this mode of payment to the hotel as well.

Because of its convenience and efficiency, some businesses will offer you a discount if this will be your mode of payment.

If you love shopping, you can get some great deals too if you are keen on voucher codes.

7. Skip Some Resident Perks

Some perks such as laundry and the hotel bar are quite convenient. They are pricey too.

Scout around the hotel to see if there are more affordable laundry stores. At times, there are convenient ones that will collect and deliver your clean laundry at a fraction of the hotel’s cost.

Also, review any entertainment packages separately. Sometimes you end up paying for packages you will not even use.

Research on the prices of the entertainment choices in and outside of the hotel you are booking.

If you can get a deal from purchasing them individually, this might save you some money as well.

Planning a Vacation?

The above tips should answer your question on how to save on hotels. Follow them, and you are bound to shave off a significant amount off your accommodation budget.

This means you can have a longer vacation or even squeeze in more holidays a year.

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