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Overcoming the Pink Tax: Why Women's Products Cost More

Overcoming the Pink Tax: Why Women's Products Cost More

Being a woman is inherently harder when you look at it from a financial standpoint; not only do you get paid less than men do, but on top of buying makeup, skin care products, and hair care products, you also need to purchase feminine hygiene products.

So not only is nature stacked against us, but society is as well. You may not have noticed it, but many products geared towards women are more expensive; this is due to what's known as the "pink tax."

In this article, you'll find out what the pink tax is and how you can avoid it.

What Is the Pink Tax?

The pink tax is extra taxation on products that are specifically labelled for women. This can include anything from razors, perfume, shower gel, to t-shirts and deodorant.

Corporations have claimed women's products are priced higher because they have different ingredients in them, but if you take a closer look, the majority of them are exactly the same, just with different packaging.

Extra Taxation on Products for Feminine Hygiene

In the UK, feminine hygiene products are considered luxury items, which means there's 5% VAT you have to pay whenever you buy your sanitary napkins and tampons.

With the absurdity of feminine hygiene products categorized as "luxury items," many women around the world have banded together to protest this premium. Since 2015, both the government and corporations have made small steps in reducing this tax; hopefully, in time, it'll be completely eliminated.

How Can I Avoid It?

If you must have beauty products geared towards women, there are some ways to save money. Try looking for generic items, or buy in bulk to get discounts. If you're crafty, you can tackle some DIY projects at home.

Otherwise, you can switch to the men's versions of the products you need. Take a look around your high street chemist; a man's razor will cost loads cheaper than a woman's razor of the same design.

While men's shampoos and shower gel may have scents you're not used to, they still achieve the same results—your hair and body will be clean after using those products. And in time, you'll get used to the scents and maybe even grow to love them.

Say, "No" to the Pink Tax

Corporations around the world will continue charging women the pink tax if nothing is done about it. If you make a stand and take some action, there may be the hope of dissuading them from discriminating against women.

By boycotting items with the pink tax on them, you not only save yourself some money, but you also send a clear message of displeasure. You can also join local political groups if you want to push this issue to the government. With enough action, there will be women's equality in all aspects, including the pricing on necessities for women.

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