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Looking good on a budget: How to Dress for Less

Looking good on a budget: How to Dress for Less

Do you love fashion and shopping, but don't have a lot of money for new clothing in your budget? Are you tired of the endless window shopping and admiring all of the pieces you'll never own from afar?

Well, you're definitely not alone.

You can say goodbye to shopper FOMO, though, because we're here to show you how to look amazing on a budget and dress for less in the UK!

Whether you're wondering when the best time to buy winter coats or the cheapest place to buy jeans is: we have the answer you're looking for.

Let's get into it and start saving, shall we?

1. Shop Off-Season

If you want to save money on your favourite name brands, shopping off-season is one of the best ways to save money.

You may be aware of this trend already, but how often do you actually wait to purchase something until it's been marked down? If you're like most people, you probably don't wait and just buy the things you want when you want them.

Next time you have your eye on something, why not wait until the next season to buy it when it's on sale?

2. Try an Online Outlet

For the fashion (and trend) conscious on a budget, shops like ASOS and Mango are great places for a good deal. But now, with the outlet feature on ASOS and Mango Outlet, you can save even more. Of course, outlets are typically stocked with clearance or last season items.

But if clearance and items from last season don't phase you, you'll be in your shopping glory on online outlets.

3. Shop Resale Sites for Your Favourites

Shopping on resale sites is a fantastic way to save money on all of the items on your wishlist.

Just think about it: when you shop online, you have access to an endless amount of products that brick-and-mortar stores don't carry, right?

No matter what's on your wishlist - if you want it bad enough, you can track it down online. Sure, it might take some time to find, but good things are worth the wait!

Vestaire Collective is the place to go for high-end, designer items. If you're looking for a perfectly worn-in rock band t-shirt, try sites like Depop.

4. Do a Clothing Swap with Family and Friends

Maybe your mom has a sweater that you find yourself wearing more often than she does. Or your best friend has a cute purse you've had your eye on since she first bought it years ago.

Why not set up a clothing swap night with your closest family members and friends? Including your family in addition to your friends will widen the pool of items, so you can be sure you'll score something cool.

And the best part about it? It's free!

5. Follow Budget-Conscious Style Icons on Social Media

Do you ever stop to think about the impact social media has on your decision-making?

If you follow style influencers on social media who feature the hottest designer brands, you're a lot more likely to be drawn to them. Everyone wants new and shiny things - and this is a huge chunk of what style influencers on platforms like Instagram promote.

The hottest, most expensive brands, the fanciest restaurants, luxury vacations, and more.

Find people whose style you admire who share a similar budget to you, and you'll be less tempted to splurge on things you can't afford. They may even provide links to duplicate items, too!

6. Sell What You Don't Wear

Another way to make your dollars go further is to sell the things you don't wear.

Before buying yourself something new and shiny, go through your closet and take out everything you haven't worn in the last year. Take everything to a charity shop. Then, when something sells and you make some money, put it towards another pre-loved item, or save it for the next big "splurge" item on your wishlist.

7. Shop the Men's Department

If you're a woman looking for everyday basics like t-shirts or hoodies in a store like H&M that sells both men and women's clothing, you might be able to find better deals in the men's (or even boy's) department.

The next time you're shopping for something, check the men's department out - you never know what good deals and new favourites you might find!

8. Stop Shopping Based on Trends

When what's new and trendy dominates your purchasing decisions, you're always going to be on the hunt for the next best thing, which can lead to an endless cycle of overconsumption.

One of the best ways to make your entire wardrobe go further is to invest in basics that are easy to mix and match from one piece to another. When you buy high-quality items, your cost per wear will decrease, and everything in your closet will have a longer life. Buying pieces that are easy to mix and match will also ensure that you're maximizing the number of outfits you can create with your wardrobe.

Bonus Round: Coupons!

Coupons are an easy and efficient way to maximize your savings. It's practically a national hobby at this point!

And BuyVia can make couponing to your heart's content even easier. Instead of cutting out ads from the paper, BuyVia does the hard work for you and searches for coupons all over the web. Don't wait - get yours today!

Dress for Less in the UK

Now, you have 9 great tips on how to dress for less in the UK. Start by getting rid of what you don't wear, shopping secondhand, and don't let trends rule your decision-making process.

Put them to use and start saving money right now!

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