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How to Stick to a Budget and Actually See Results

How to Stick to a Budget and Actually See Results

There are two common reasons why you cannot stick to a budget, and they have nothing to do with your budgeting skills, your discipline, or how motivated you are.

Haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many budgeting apps, budgeting plans, seminars, and techniques, and yet most people are still in massive debt?

We all know how to stick to a budget, so perhaps the answers lie somewhere else. Perhaps they are answers you won’t like but need to hear to get control of your finances.

The Answers You Won’t Like

There are two major reasons why some people are simply unable to stick to a budget.

The first is because they are easily sold to. Being easily-sold-to is so insidious that sufferers are “sure” they are “not” easily sold to. It’s a form of marketing trickery a little like what happens in the Emperor’s New Clothes.

The second reason why you cannot s...

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