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How to Save Money this Christmas On the Gifts They Love

How to Save Money this Christmas On the Gifts They Love

Here are 7 tips that will help you to save money during this Christmas:

Between all the love in the air, the family to see, and things to celebrate, it's easy to see why the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year.

But, they're also the most expensive! As you pay for plane tickets to gather with loved ones, gifts to get them, and special things to do together, your wallet can easily go from merry and bright to low and tight.

This is why it's best to find as many holiday savings as you can. Whether you're looking for cheap flights or you want to save on special gifts, there's a way to celebrate in style without breaking the bank.

Here are 7 things you can do this year to save on gifts for all your loved ones.

1. Start Shopping Early

If you've ever found yourself last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve, you were probably willing to pay anything just to have all the gifts ready for the next day. That's the worst mindset to have if you need to save money this holiday season.

It's much better to start shopping early instead - as far ahead as the end of October and the start of November. Holiday shopping around this time of year gives you all the time you need to find all the best deals available. You may even be able to take advantage of multiple deals from the same retailers, as most stores run a variety of special offers throughout the holiday season.

This means you can space out your shopping over time, too. Such an approach allows you to maintain a healthy savings account throughout the entire holiday season rather than spending a lot of your money at once.

2. Stick to a Budget

Speaking of spending, how much are you willing to invest in gifts this year?

You need to have a clearly defined number in your head and stick to it as all your gifts are purchased. Otherwise, you're likely going to spend more than you should even with holiday savings taken into account.

If you like the thought of starting shopping early, break your budget down into how much you can spend on gifts each time you set out to buy them. This will help you refrain from overspending and it keeps you on track to make payments on things like rent and other bills.

At the very least, calculate all of your personal spendings and earnings predictions from now until the end of the year, then figure out how much you can set aside for holiday gifts alone. Keep this number in the back of your mind as you compare different savings opportunities and cross gifts off your shopping list.

3. Use Coupons

Whether you're spacing out your shopping or trying to get everything done at once, make it a point to look for coupons first. Coupons are the added savings bonus that makes holiday sales even better.

This is a savings tool that far too many shoppers overlook. But, savvy shoppers know how far their money can stretch when they add coupons into the mix.

Using coupons may be the difference between getting your sister just one lovely holiday sweater or pairing it with the matching scarf and gloves.

They can help you buy more for one person or make room in your budget to add a few more people to your shopping list. Either way, they're sure to help you spread all the love and cheer you'd like to this year, but without breaking the bank!

To make the best use of this savings tool, try to look for coupons in unexpected places. These won't always be distributed directly from retailers to consumers. Rather, it's things like special online resources and holiday shopping guides that will point you in the direction of the best coupons available.

4. Take Advantage of Special Sales

Keep an eye out for any upcoming sales as you're searching for holiday coupons. But, be sure to come up with a plan before you do all your spending.

Some sales won't allow the use of coupons in addition to store-wide offers. Others will only combine coupons with certain products, and, there's also the possibility that the coupons you find are actually better than the sale! This is why doing your research is so important.

The more time you put into finding the best deals - both in store, online, with coupons and without - the more you're going to save this holiday season. It does require a bit more work than you may be used to doing, however, the benefits are totally worth it. Who knows, you may even end up treating yourself to something special with all the savings you create!

5. Try Shopping Secondhand

Another way to save on gifts this year is to shop secondhand. This is an especially great idea for those who like high-end gifts like designer bags and limited edition clothes. Many people purchase such items, gently use them, then resell them in order to make room for more goodies.

There are all kinds of high-end secondhand eCommerce sites and stores, you just have to find them! A few of these are even focused on specific brands or only certain items - like shoes or handbags. Some offer unique exclusive while others have a wonderful range of vintage products to shop from!

Keep in mind that it's worth shopping secondhand for everyday items, too. If you're looking to buy your boyfriend a game console or your daughter a new phone, a gently used item of this kind is always going to be cheaper than one that's brand-new.

6. Re-Gift Things You Already Own

Sometimes, the best secondhand shopping is actually in your home! Take a moment to think about all the beautiful clothes you never wear and the gadgets you've only used once or twice.

These may be the best gifts for the people you love, and considering they're already paid for, such gifts are the best money-saving tactic for you. Just be sure that what you choose to give others are still things that they would love, not simply items you're trying to get rid of.

Re-gifting things you already have offers many benefits to everyone involved. It's a creative way to come up with lovely, thoughtful gifts for the people on your shopping list. Not to mention, as you're filling stockings and adding to the gift pile under the tree, you're also downsizing on the clutter in your home and saving significantly on holiday spending.

7. Give Experiences, Not Things

Keep in mind that not all the gifts you give this year have to be objects. Instead of shopping for deals on clothes, gadgets, and household items, think about all the ways you can save on experiences.

Saving on special entertainment and outings allows you to put more money into your budget for tangible gifts. More importantly, it creates invaluable memories that are worth much more than anything you can put in a box, which also happens to be cheaper than traditional gifts.

Maybe there's an amazing deal on holiday shows going on right now. Maybe you'd rather host the holiday party this year than have everyone go out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

These are just a few ways that you can create special memories and save a significant amount of money along the way. You can even save on holiday travel fare and event tickets if you have your wits about you.

This requires a similar bargain-hunting process to that of looking for coupons and waiting for special sales. You have to get your timing just right to get the savings your looking for on hotels and holiday events. But if you're patient and do your research, the returns could work out very well!

Holiday Savings Made Simple

It's one thing to understand all the different ways to get holiday savings and another to figure out which of these options is best for you. The good news is you don't have to pick and choose between all the holiday savings tips mentioned above, but rather find a way to combine them and save even more.

You may find yourself going to some special sales one weekend, then bargain hunting and looking for coupons the next. As Christmas morning get closer and closer, your work will add up into a beautiful collection of gifts and a nice amount of savings, too.

If you're looking for a way to make the process easier on yourself, click here to discover how BuyVia can give you access to all the best savings!