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How to Save Money on Your Daily Commute

How to Save Money on Your Daily Commute

36% of the population in the UK still drive to work every morning. That means that there are millions of people wasting money on petrol, auto insurance, and costly parking on a daily basis.

Expenses like this can put a serious dent in your daily budget. And, if you’re one of the commuters, you’ll likely know just how frustrating it is to have to pay for something that’s such a time suck anyways.

But, there are ways to cut down on these costs. Here are a few ingenious ways to save money on your work commute that you probably haven’t thought of before.

Change Your Driving Habits

Properly inflating your tires can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 5%. This means that, over time, you can save about 5% on fuel each week. Multiply that by 52 weeks in a year and that equals big savings.

It’s also smart to avoid driving with a lead foot when commuting to work. Drive the speed limit and avoid revving the engine fast when speeding up after you’ve come to a full stop.

Revving the engine can waste gas as it’s working extra hard to keep up with the demands you’re placing on it.

Sign Up for a Flex Car Programme

In the UK, do you really need your car? If you live in a larger city, chances are that the answer is no.

Instead, sign up for a flex car programme. Not only will this allow you to save on auto insurance and maintenance, but it’s a great way to meet others in the city. Not a bad way to commute to work.

It’s important to mention that this isn’t a long-term or even daily solution. Mixing this with taking public transport is the best way to go about saving on a tight budget.

Download Some Apps for Your Work Commute

While you’re browsing the App store or Play store for apps to play with during your morning commute, try downloading some financial apps, too.

There are many apps that can help you save money by telling you which petrol stations near you have the cheapest fuel or by alerting you of traffic.

After you’ve downloaded those, try downloading apps that will allow you to make money. Survey taking is a great way to earn cash while you commute.

Optimising your time like this is a great way to earn while you save.

Indulging in Daily Savings

Changing the way you drive and optimising your time during your work commute are financial tactics that can help you save regardless of where you’re going.

Learning how to use financial apps in a smart, savvy way will help you increase your savings whether you’re headed to work or not.

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