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How to Save Money on Vacation and Still Have a Good Time

How to Save Money on Vacation and Still Have a Good Time

Planning to go to the Bahamas or a month-long trip across Asia?

That's great, but are you ready for the extra expenses that come with a vacation? There's a bit of controversy regarding how places charge tourists extra, but it's something you can't always avoid. 

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy your trip and avoid over-spending. If you know a select few tips and tricks, you can seriously cut down your costs.

Want to know how to save money on vacation? Let's dive into the matter further and discover different ways to save money while travelling: 

1. Focus on Local Cuisine

Want to know how to save money on vacation? The first step is to avoid the big restaurants and fast-food chains. Sure, you can trust a McDonald's to always stay consistent with their food regardless of where you go, but there are more affordable options.

The better route is to stick with local food. Look for street food, local street canteens or affordable diners and eateries. These serve local food without the usual "tourist tax" that the more renowned spots impose.

Of course, you may want to check out the more popular establishments. You can expect these to charge more but with the right discount coupon, you could still save some cash. We'll tackle discount coupons a bit more down below.

2. Look Beyond Tourist Spots

When you visit a place like Tokyo, Japan, you'll want to see some of the most popular spots, like the shops in Akihabara or the Sensoji Temple. However, you can save money if you limit how many tourist spots you visit.

Instead of looking for popular hot spots, why not look for the hidden gems in your vacation destination? There might be great restaurants or shops known only to the locals and those who take the extra time to look for them. Not only are these often more affordable, but they might offer a more unique and sentimental experience.

3. Don't Fall for Souvenirs

Speaking of shopping, don't fall for souvenirs. These products often sell for incredibly high prices. There's nothing more demoralising than buying something expensive when out on vacation only to come home and find the same item for half the price at the flea market.

This is a situation where reading travel blogs should be a habit. Most travel bloggers list down the better shopping districts and notable stores that don't over-charge their foreign customers. If you have to buy souvenirs, try to haggle the price down as much as you can and buy from local establishments to get a fair price.

4. A VPN Is Your Best Friend

Remember that every time you search for flights, hotels, and shopping destinations online your browser tracks the data. Pretty soon, you'll see banner ads and suggested products flooding your browser. Unfortunately, these are often over-priced suggestions.

Want to stay clear of this issue? Using the browser's incognito mode won't help. Sites and browsers can still use cookies to monitor your search and shopping behaviour. 

Instead, use a VPN tool. Virtual Private Networks mask your IP address and encrypt your data, giving you more privacy. Now you can search for flight tickets, accommodations, and restaurants without all those pesky, over-priced suggestions.

VPNs aren't free—the best ones only offer a free trial—but they pay themselves back by letting you search for authentic, affordable prices.

5. Always Use a Rewards Card

Do you travel a lot? Do you stay in hotels each time you go on vacation? Flights and hotel stays aren't cheap but you can get some money back by using rewards credit cards.

These cards give you points each time you purchase a ticket or book a hotel room. Collect a certain amount of points and you could get a free flight or hotel stay. 

For some people, this might not make much of a difference. However, people always on the go can rake in savings this way. This especially counts for vacation vloggers, people who earn on YouTube by showcasing different vacation destinations.

6. Use a Discount and Voucher Tool

Ever heard of a deal site? We're one, in case you weren't sure. We are a unique resource that helps you save on vacations (and other things!) by doing most of the hard work for you.

Why search manually for hotel room discounts or cheaper souvenirs? Use our tool and we'll do it automatically for you, hunting down not only the cheapest but also the highest quality options out there.

Our tools let you find discount vouchers for online store products, flights, accommodations, and more. This system cuts out all the work and presents affordable data and coupons cleanly. All you have to do is pick which vouchers work for your needs.

Not sure how much of a discount our coupons can offer? Some vouchers can slash off 50% of a retail product's price. Why pay full price when our tool helps you save as much as possible?

7. Research the Location

Before heading on vacation, research everything you can about the destination. Are there affordable modes of transportation instead of riding a tour bus or taxi? Are there days when merchants increase market prices or are there cheaper districts in town? 

You should also know which time of year is the cheapest. Some locations jack up prices due to the influx of tourists during specific times of the year. Some places are more expensive during the winter and others during spring or summer. 

Learn How to Save Money on Vacation Now!

Understanding how to save money on vacation is all about spending time researching and using the best tools available. We're here to give you that kind of advantage.

If you're not sure how our system works and how we can find the best coupons, get in touch now. Let us show you how it all works and sign up for our free plan. Our tool might be exactly what you're looking for.