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Frugal Hair, Don't Care: How to Save Money on Hair Products

Frugal Hair, Don't Care: How to Save Money on Hair Products

Saving Money on Hair Products

There's no denying that a woman's hair is her best accessory. Which explains why the average woman spends over a month of her life at the hairdressers!

Of course, the cost of all those hours spent at the salon can really add up. And then there's the styling products, hair tools and all that shampoo and conditioner. In fact, the average woman spends £756 on her hair every year, totalling a whopping £48,384 over the course of a lifetime!

If your hair care bills are adding up, you'll pleased to hear that the less-is-more approach is often better for your hair anyway, as well as much better for your wallet.

Read on to find out how to save money on hair products and still look great.

Shop Around

Rather than blinding grabbing hair care products when you do your supermarket shop, shop around to see whether you can get them cheaper elsewhere.

Take advantage of money-saving apps and websites, use loyalty point schemes, browse pound shops for savings on your favourite brands, and compare prices wherever you go.

Also, don't be afraid to switch it up and try something new, especially when it comes to shampoo brands. The best shampoo is one which cleanses your hair, so don't feel the need to spend big here as all shampoos tend to have near-identical ingredients.

Likewise, own brand products from shops like Boots and Superdrug or even supermarkets like Aldi are often just as good as named brands but cost a fraction of the price.

Buy in Bulk

Shopping around can mean heading to several different places for your hair products. As such, always buying in bulk when you do go shopping will save you both time and money.

Make sure to take advantage of special offers, 3 for 2 deals and multi-packs whenever possible. And using coupons with percentage discounts means bigger savings the more you spend. After all, hair products don't have sell-by dates, so be sure to stock up whenever you see a great deal.

And, if a certain hair product comes in a large bottle then this can often work out cheaper too. Just make sure to check the shelf edge label (SEL) before you buy. As well as the sale price, the SEL should tell you how much that particular size bottle works out per ml so you get a more accurate price comparison.

Do It Yourself

While being a savvy shopper can save you a lot of money on hair care products, salon visits are the biggest expense when it comes to our hair.

One way to cut your hair care budget right down is to DIY your haircuts. If you've got long hair then it's easy to trim off the ends yourself, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on cutting your own hair to show you how. Or, if you're not that brave, you could ask a friend or relative to do it.

Another option is to find a beauty school or trainee hairdresser to cut your hair. They are usually glad of the practice and charge a minimal amount for a salon-quality cut.

Having your hair coloured at a salon is also a big expense, which is why many women already dye their own hair. Lucky for you, home hair dyes have improved a lot in recent years and don't have to mean you're left with an unnatural-looking block hair colour. Nowadays, there are even box hair dyes with multi-tone colour for a more natural look, as well as at-home highlighting kits.

Another way to save money is to make your own leave-in conditioner. While leave-in conditioners can be expensive, they're a real saviour for anyone with wavy, curly or tangled hair. Just add a few squirts of your usual conditioner to an empty spray bottle, fill with water and shake!

Change Your Look

If, like 68 per cent of women, you're unhappy with your hair, trying something new as a way to save money could also help you out of a hairstyle rut.

If you've been dying, straightening and over-styling your hair for years, it might not be in the best condition. Instead of going against your hair, consider embracing your natural waves, curls or colour. This will let your hair recuperate and will help you save you time and money.

If dark or grey roots are a problem, try switching your parting to cover the regrowth. Alternatively, there are now instant spray dyes which are perfect for covering your roots in-between salon visits or home dying sessions.

If you're not prepared to give up your blonde highlights then balayage highlights are much more modern and cost-effective choice. Balayage is sexy, subtle and requires less upkeep, meaning that you won't need a touch up for months, instead of the usual four to six weeks.

In terms of your hairstyle, you could opt for a more manageable style as a way to save time and money on haircuts, washing and styling. Short hair tends to need more upkeep so you could consider growing out your hair to try something new.

Or, if you have extensions to thicken or lengthen your hair, consider removing them and going for a choppy shorter style instead. This will give your hair a natural boost while helping to cut down on the time and money you spend on maintenance.

Save Money on Hair Products

With a combination of smart shopping, clever styling and a willingness to try something new, it's a lot easier to save money on hair products than you might have thought.

And, while not everyone would brave cutting their own hair or embracing their dark roots, we all love finding new ways to access the best offers and enjoy more savings.

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