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How to Make Little but Life Changing Savings

How to Make Little but Life Changing Savings

Create a budget!
It’s so important that you create a budget if you want to save money. And even more importantly, you need to stick to it! Of course treating yourself is fine every now and then, but to make a saving you need to stick to your budget the majority of the time.

Sell your stuff!
Take a look around and see what you have that you don’t use. Whether it’s clothes you can sell on Vinted, old books you can sell on Ebay, or maybe you even have some CDs still kicking around you can send to Music Magpie! There are so many sites you can sell you things on, and in the process you are helping the planet by selling things on and being sustainable. It’s a win win!

Plan and prep your meals
It may sound a little boring planning and prepping your meals, but it can be a game changer when it comes to saving money. Planning out what you are going to eat for dinner every day of the week can make you more determined to stick to it, and less likely to giv...

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