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Saving Money 101: How to Get a Cheap iPhone

Saving Money 101: How to Get a Cheap iPhone

How to get a cheap iphone

The latest iPhone model, the iPhone XS Max, is currently selling for $1,500 from Apple. That's a few months of rent for some people or groceries for almost the whole year. You can take a luxurious trip to the Carribean with only $1,000.

Unless you absolutely must have a new iPhone, in a brand-new box, there are cheaper ways to get one. In fact, learning how to get a cheap iPhone has become an internet staple. Getting the expensive phones for cheaper is becoming a bigger status symbol than the phones themselves.

And it's simple to do. Especially now that the holidays are coming up, prices on some of the latest iPhone models are shrinking. You don't need to go to a shady website and hope it's not a scam to get a newer model for cheap. Instead, deals can be found on websites as reputable as...

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