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How to Coupon Effectively: Make the Most of Your Coupons

How to Coupon Effectively: Make the Most of Your Coupons

Discount hunters, you're doing it wrong.

You might think you're on top of all the best deals. You never pay full price for your goods. But, are you sure you're getting the most out of your discounts?

It's time to raise your coupon game.

Coupons are not just those things your grandma cuts out of the local newspaper. In today's online shopping economy, you can save hundreds of pounds with the right coupons.

However, it's not always easy to find the discount for what you're shopping for.

Sellers don't want you to save money. There's also a bunch of hoops to jump through to get the deal. Plus, there are tons of fake deals and scams.

So how are you, the great discount hunter, suppose to navigate these treacherous waters?

Stop what you're doing. Don't click the "purchase now" button until you've read the rest of this article. There are tons of great tips coming your way for how to coupon effectively.

Join Mailing Lists

It's annoying to have your inbox filled with spam. But, some of those e-mails can be quite valuable.

Signing up for online store subscriptions will ensure you get the best deals at that store. They want to reward their loyal customers. Let them!

Just don't get bogged down in the barrage of e-mails coming your way. Set aside some time each day to read through the messages and save only the valuable coupons.

Know What Sales Are On the Horizon

You're a savvy shopper, so you know when sales are coming. There's Cyber Monday, the big one. Also, Columbus Day and Labor Day have some nice deals too.

Those are just some of the times throughout the year that prices are slashed. There's so many more!

Keep an eye on your calendar. Hold off on buying something you need until these sales roll around. It's better to wait and save.

Take Advantage of Price Matching

Some stores accept their competitor's deals. Though this is harder to do online than in a store, it's still possible.

Look at the online retailer's policies. If they offer price matching in store, they also have to online.

If you're having trouble using a competitor's coupon upon check out, contact customer service. As a bonus, they may even offer you a further discount for your troubles.

Stacks on Stacks

Stacking coupons is a method that has been around since the dawn of couponing. It's time to bring this art form into the 21st century.

Sometimes you'll discover that both a retailer and a manufacturer have a coupon for the same item. As long as you're not doubling up on one place's coupons, you should be allowed to stack them together.

Say you're purchasing a new mobile phone. If the provider and the phone's manufacturer both offer deals on the phone, you can save a bunch!

Buy In Bulk

You're buying something online you know you're going to use again. Why just buy one?

Let's say you see a once in a blue moon deal on laundry detergent. Be smart and buy multiple bottles. You could potentially buy all your detergent needs for the year and save lots of cash.

Now, don't become a hoarder. Buy rationally. But, if a deal is too good to pass, buy that product in bulk.

Keep Tabs on Your Deals

This happens all the time. You see something online and you remember that you have a coupon for it. Then you go to buy the item and can't find the deal anywhere.

Don't let this happen to you again. Start organizing your coupon collection. Make a folder in your e-mail for all your discount links. You can even make subcategories to help you more efficiently find what you're looking for.

This might take a few extra minutes out of your day. But, those extra minutes will save you a lot of extra money.

Get Rid of Your 'Go-To' Shop

Brand loyalty is holding you back. If you always shop at the same online retailer you only see their coupons. Who knows how many other deals you're missing out on?

In some cases, manufacturers make the same products for other stores. Why just look in one spot for what you want to buy?

By casting a larger net in the online retail scene you'll find more competitive sales.

You Don't Have to Use it Just Because You Have it

This is where discount hunters can get themselves into trouble. You found a great coupon. You can save a lot on a particular item. The problem?

You don't need that item.

The point of searching for discounts is to save money. Spending money on things you don't need is a waste.

You might find yourself susceptible to the thrill of a deal. Don't put yourself in that situation. Only save coupons for items you need.

Sign Up For a Price Comparison Site

This might be the easiest way to coupon effectively. It actually takes little work on your part. There are a number of price comparison sites popping up online.

These sites feature automated price comparison software that does all the legwork for you. Simply search for the products you want to buy. Then the site will show the best deal for that product.

Sign up for a price comparison site today. There's nothing to lose because they are 100% free! These sites have all the coupons and discounts you need on the stuff you want.

Now You Know How to Coupon Effectively

You've signed up for a bunch of mailing lists. Your calendar is set for the next cycle of sales. All your coupons are organized in a file.

And if you really want to take the hustling out of the hustle sign up here for Buyvia. This is the best site for how to coupon effectively.