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15 Cheap Holiday Hacks That Will Save You Money This Season

15 Cheap Holiday Hacks That Will Save You Money This Season

How to spend less on your holiday?

According to the Office of National Statistics, we made a record 46.5 million over the holidays last year.

But, guess what? We're spending over 14 percent more annually on holiday spending.

Holidays are expensive. But, there are many ways you can reduce your holiday expenses. Check out our cheap holiday hacks that will save you money this season.

1. Get Tips from the Locals

Do you ever ask the staff in the hotel about recommendations?

Instead of asking about recommendations, ask where they go themselves.

Many hotels have agreements with restaurants and cafés to send customers in their direction. You're not going to save money by going wherever the hotel manager suggests.

But, you can avoid the pre-packaged and expensive places by discovering where the hotel staff hang out with friends.

What's the receptionist's favourite place to grab a coffee? Where does the waiter in the hotel bar go for live music?

You'll find that you receive a more authentic experience than if you go where the brochure proposes.

2. Purchase a Reusable Water Bottle

The average Brit uses 170 plastic water bottles per year, according to the Daily Mail. Just think how much is being wasted every time you buy bottled water.

You're not only wasting your own money, but you're also contributing to the damage caused to the oceans as a result of single-use plastic.

When people are on holiday abroad, they often spend even more on plastic water bottles. But, why don't you simply buy yourself a quality reusable water bottle for your travels?

Of course, in some destinations, you can't drink water from the tap. However, that's when you can purchase huge bottles of water to cut costs. Then, when you leave the hotel, you can fill up your reusable bottle.

3. Take a Packed Lunch

When you're out on excursions, it's often expensive to eat in restaurants. It's important not to skip any meals, particularly in the warmer climate.

But, you don't need to spend a fortune by eating every meal in a restaurant. You can go to the supermarket to make your own packed lunch.

Keep in mind the country or region you're visiting. This way you'll save money by eating like the locals.

For instance, if you're in France, grab some local cheese and baguette to keep you going throughout the day. By contrast, if you're in Germany, you need to take some Wurst and Brot - that's sausage and bread.

Best of all, if you can find a great spot in a park, you can enjoy a picnic with the whole family. You could secure a beautiful view while you eat your lunch.

4. Free Breakfast Means Free Lunch

Are you staying in a hotel which includes breakfast?

Remember the rule - free breakfast means free lunch!

This is a great opportunity to grab a few supplies to get yours through the day. You've already paid for it, so you may as well as make the most of it.

If you're concerned, you can always visit the breakfast buffet just before it closes. This way you're only taking what would otherwise be thrown away.

If you don't have breakfast included in your accommodation, you may decide to fork out for an expensive breakfast. This will save you later in the day when you come to pay for lunch.

5. Stumble off the Beaten Track

No savvy-tourist wants to find themselves in the tourist trap. If you see tourists, it's always a sign that you need to get away.

If you want to discover the bargains and discounts. You need to go where the locals go.

Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes to walk off the beaten track to find the most beautiful souvenir shop or delicious local food.

All you have to do is be brave and lose the crowds.

6. Be a Savvy Shopper

Before you go on holiday abroad, make sure you do your research about what to buy.

Some things are extremely expensive in the UK but surprisingly affordable in France. While other things are a steal in Italy, while in Norway you'd have to sell your house for it.

In Thailand? Get yourself a tailor-made suit.

When you're in Berlin, beer is cheaper than water. What about buying an iPhone in the United States?

7. Tax-Free Shopping

If you're only going on holiday in the EU, for now at least, you can't benefit from tax or duty-free shopping.

However, if you're traveling further afield, take advantage of the refund on local taxes whenever you make a purchase.

Of course, not every shop participants in the tax-free shopping program, you can look out for signs that it's available in store.

Make sure you keep hold of any receipts. At the airport, you may be asked to show them when you cross the border.

8. Walk Everywhere You Can

Did you know that the average person in the UK walks only half-a-mile per day?

It's simply not healthy to sit around all day. Many of us find that we walk more when we're on holiday than in our normal lives.

It makes sense why! You can't explore a place in a car or on a bus. Sometimes, you need to get out and walk around the city.

If you're on holiday in Paris, you need to stroll around the city on foot to experience in the true essence of the city of lights. The same goes for many other destinations.

9. Know the Public Transport

Sometimes, you need to do some research about public transport networks wherever you're visiting on holiday. You need to determine whether it's worthwhile spending money on a transport pass while you're abroad. Maybe you'll save money by only buying the occasional subway ticket when you need one.

Check in advance whether you can purchase a tourist pass to save money over your holiday on transport costs.

10. Take Tea Bags, Coffee and Snacks

Can you believe that British people drink over 165 million cups of tea every day?

If you drink tea as much as we do, you're probably not surprised. Or, maybe coffee is your kind of cuppa.

Whatever you can't live without while you're away on holiday abroad, make sure you take ground coffee and tea bags with you on your trip.

You should also take sweets and other snacks to keep you going when you get the munchies during the night. We all know that room service can end up costing you a fortune.

11. Grab Travel Essentials Before You Arrive at the Airport

Have you already looked up what kind of plug adaptor you're going to need when you arrive at your destination? Do you have your travel eye mask to make sure you get your shut-eye?

These are all the kinds of things you need to buy from discount shops where you're not charged over the odds at the airport.

Don't end up buying your travel guide from the airport bookshop at the final moment. Why not support your local library by borrowing a book about your holiday destination from them?

12. Home-Made Travel Toiletries

It's been a while since airports introduced regulations on how much liquid you were permitted to get through customs.

Don't be tempted by the cute and little travel versions of your usual toiletries. Put down the tiny Head and Shoulders!

You can make your own home-made travel toiletries yourself. Buy a few small plastic bottles and decant some of the shower gel or shampoo into it from your larger bottle.

Admittedly, this isn't so easy to do with toothpaste. As we know, it's not so easy to put toothpaste back in the tube after you've squeezed it all out.

13. Don't Stop Online Booking Once You Arrive

According to Travel Weekly, over 80 percent of people book holidays online nowadays.

It's great that you're doing this. It's often significantly cheaper to book online. Plus, you save money compared with booking with a travel agent.

However, you can also book your tour guides, theatre tickets and much more online while you're abroad. Even if you're quoted a particular amount in person, there's never any harm in comparing the price online.

14. Act Your Age

Are you retired or over 60? Are you under 25 years old? Are you currently a full-time student?

Any of these things can get you significant discounts on museums, shops, and tourist attractions.

Make sure you always carry the relevant ID with you when you're exploring the destination.

15. Stick to Your Budget

The average person in the UK spends over a quarter of disposable income on holidays.

People want to explore the world, enjoy the high-life and relax in the sunshine. And, we're willing to pay for the privilege.

However, it's important to plan a budget and stick to it while you're on holiday. You don't want to come home with empty pockets.

Cheap Holiday Hacks

It's not easy being a savvy-spender while you're on holiday. You want to let your hair down and have fun. You don't want to be counting the pennies all the time.

However, by following our 15 cheap holiday hacks, you can have a great time without spending all your money.

If you're always looking out for discounts and bargains, contact us to save hundreds of pounds with BuyVia.