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Best Cashback Credit Cards

Best Cashback Credit Cards

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Get cashback and rewards for spending on your credit cards! If you were going to spend the money anyway, why not get rewarded for it? Let’s take a look at some the credit cards out there that give you rewards and cashback.

A note of caution

First though, let’s look at your credit card spending. If you have a lot of debt on your credit card, it’s probably better to focus on getting a card with a 0% balance transfer and clear your debts before you start with a new rewards card. We always recommend that you clear your balance in full every month so that you can really reap the benefit of the reward card.

Some reward cards have a minimum spend to unlock the rewards, so watch out for this condition when you are researching which card suits you.

How do reward cards work?

It’s really quite simple; you are usually allocated points for your spending on the card. These can then be changed for voucher...

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