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A guide to buying bread makers

A guide to buying bread makers

Sales of bread makers soared by 130% during the lockdowns of 2020. Who can forget the empty shelves in supermarkets where there should have been flour and yeast?!

With a lot more time on our hands, it seems that a third of all adults in the UK said that they had tried their hand at making bread in 2020. A trend that was perhaps started by the success of the Great British Bake-off continues, and shows no sign of abating.

There are lots of bread makers on the market, so how do you choose the best one for you? Let’s have a look at the features to look for and which will suit your needs.

1. Budget

First, consider what your budget is. Bread makers start at around £50 and the more expensive models go up to £250. You will need to weigh up what is important to you. The more expensive models do tend to mean better quality and a longer-lasting machine, but the price also reflects more features.

So, if you simply wa...

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