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9 Ways to Save Money by Cooking at Home

9 Ways to Save Money by Cooking at Home

In 2008, the value of the UK eating out market was £73.5 billion British pounds. By 2018, the value had risen to £89.5 billion British pounds. The growth of the eating market over the past decade is substantial. This is despite increasing inflation and stagnating wages.

By the end of 2019, there could be 5% fewer people eating out instances compared to previous years.

What has led to the declining value of the eating out market? Experts attribute the food delivery service such as Ubereats for the decline. Others say most families are adopting a healthy lifestyle. As such, they are cooking on a budget.

Want to know how you can save money on food.

Read on and learn 9 ways to save money by cooking at home.

1. Start with Simple and Low-Cost Recipes

A quick search on the internet will reveal thousands of simple and low-cost recipes. Instead of spending a  fortune eating out, you can shop for groceries and prepare the dishes at home. A few dishes you can prepare include:

  • White chicken enchiladas
  • Spinach tomato tortellini soup
  • Tomato basil chicken
  • One pot red wine pasta
  • Oven baked meatball sandwiches

Now, you and your family can enjoy healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner.

2. Cook Enough for Two or Three Meals

Cooking on a budget using organic and healthy ingredients contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you prepare in bulk for two or three meals. For any leftovers, you can reheat them and save more than $1,000 by eliminating food waste.

3. Pack Your Own Lunch

Working at the office can tempt you to order in or eat out at a restaurant. To save, pack your own lunch. There are thousands of light lunch recipes on the internet. For instance, you can pack tuna, avocado and pickled onion sandwich or double sesame noodles.

Reheat your lunch at the office kitchen.

4. Buy Big Cuts of Meats

When you buy big cuts of meat instead of small portions, you get to save. How? It's cheaper than pre-cut chicken breast. For instance, if you buy a whole chicken, marinade and freeze it. When you need to prepare chicken, thaw a few pieces and you are good to go.

5. Make a Meal Plan for the Entire Week

One reason why most people will order in or eat out is that they have no idea what they are going to prepare at home. At the restaurant, they can order from the menu easily. This is the same as the food delivery service. To avoid this, prepare a meal plan.

6. Buy Veggies and Fruits in Bulk When in Season

One of the tips for saving money on food is by making a quick visit to your local farmers market. By doing so, you get to find out which veggies and fruits are in season. Buy the veggies and fruits in bulk and freeze them. To avoid filling your refrigerator with lots of food, buy veggies and fruits that will last one week.

7. Make That Crock Pot Your Best Pal

As one of the ways to save money on food, a crock pot has revolutionised the way people cook today. Unlike the traditional pot, with a crock pot, add the ingredients and let them simmer all day while at work. Back home, you will find your food ready to eat.

8. Take Part in a Neighbourhood Cooking Group

If you recently moved to a new neighbourhood, find out if they have cooking groups. By joining a cooking group, you get to save money on food. How? Meals are prepared in bulk and each home has a turn to prepare meals for the rest.

9. Grow Your Own Food

You can start your own container garden in your backyard or a no-dig vegetable garden. With your own garden, you can grow veggies and even potatoes. Other plants include herbs and spices.

Save Money by Cooking on a Budget

Cooking on a budget saves you money across the board. Not only will you be able to shop in bulk, but you will prepare food in bulk too. You will use healthier ingredients and avoid food allergies. This goes a long way to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Looking for more tips for saving money on food? Contact us today!