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5 Tips on Staying Safe While Shopping Online

5 Tips on Staying Safe While Shopping Online

The World Wide Web has truly enriched and transformed the world of shopping, with many of us now buying almost everything digitally; from electronics to groceries. However, buying online can be risky business if you are not super vigilant. With so much choice, and so many websites offering the temptations of extra special deals and offers, it can be difficult to navigate the web safely. Reports of online shopping fraud have increased by 30% over the course of the pandemic, as online shopping has become a vital method of getting hold of goods, for many of us.

Here, we give our top five tips for staying safe and secure while shopping online:

1. Ensure that your connection is genuinely secure

A secure connection is vital for safe browsing, as otherwise it leaves your sensitive personal data and payment information vulnerable to intrusion from cyber-criminals. There are a number of ways to ensure your connection is secure; firstly, think...

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