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10 tips for saving money on your Christmas Food Shop

10 tips for saving money on your Christmas Food Shop

It’s about that time of year when your thoughts will turn to the food preparations for Christmas Day. It can be quite expensive, not to mention stressful, when preparing for the dinner on the Big Day, trying to keep the costs down while pleasing the whole family!

On top of that, you want to keep food waste to a minimum to do your bit for the environment and not literally scrape your hard-earned cash into the bin! Here’s our tips for saving some money, preventing food waste and keeping everyone happy.

1. Make a list (and stick to it!)

.You’ve heard this advice before, we know, but it really does work. Even better, make a menu plan for Christmas week so that you know exactly what you have to buy for and are not tempted to buy extras “just in case.” Be specific with your list so that you buy just the right amount. If you are cooking from scratch, and following a recipe, consult your recipe books before you go shopping so that you g...

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