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Top 5 Smartphones on the Market Right Now

Top 5 Smartphones on the Market Right Now

Perhaps you are coming up on the end of your contract, or you just want to try something new – and are scoping out the higher-end of the market. If this is the first time you are looking at smartphones for a while, you may find that the phone landscape does look a little different this time. Many critics are no longer promoting Huawei phones due to their lack of Google apps on the newer models, and prior titans like HTC, LG and Nokia tend not to make the premium lists this year. With so much choice out there, and so many phones claiming to have flagship functionality and promising the best bang for your buck, it can be difficult to navigate these assurances and make the best choice for you. Don’t worry – we’ve got you; we have compiled a list of the best-regarded smartphones, available to buy right now.

Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra

While, admittedly, the prior versions of the Ultra might have had its issues, Samsung have deemed themselves with this model, which may b...

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