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The Best Staycations

The Best Staycations

For the last 2 years, trips abroad were a distant memory- however one fabulous thing to come out of the travel restrictions is our new-found love for a British staycation! We had some gorgeous weather last summer, with temperatures beating the popular holiday destination of Spain! Did you know the UK has over 12,000 miles of coastline? Not only that but we have 15 amazing National Parks flourishing with wildlife and natural beauty.

With prices of bills at an all-time high, we still need a break from daily life to relax and spend time with loved ones. Staying within the UK can cut the cost massively of travelling abroad- no expensive airline tickets for a start! On top of that, no stressful airport security queues, no long plane journeys, and no stressing about luggage weight limits! Here, we’ve found some of the best places to treat yourself to a British staycation…

Peak District
Here is a National Park spanning over 500 square miles and is one of t...

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