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Hilarious Podcasts to Brighten Your Day

Hilarious Podcasts to Brighten Your Day

The podcasts genre is booming! Podcasts, as we know them today, have their origins in the 1980s when they were called “audioblogs”. With the invention of the iPod in the 2000s, it’s widely recognised that the first “podcast” really started to make its mark in 2004 or 2005.

Fast forward to today, there are now 4,058,150 total podcasts registered, around the world right now. Did you know that 62% of people have listened to a Podcast, at least once? These figures have risen from 57% in 2021, proving that the industry is growing year on year.

It’s true when we say that there’s a podcast out there for every taste, industry, mood and interest! From podcasts about crafting and hobbies, through to baking and menu creation, through to episodes about sport, books and the latest news and everything in between, there really is something for everyone!

But we all need a little bit of brightness in our day, right? And what better way to get it than listening to a f...

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