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Are You Really on Mute?

Are You Really on Mute?

Throughout the pandemic, video conferencing became the norm for many people. Working from home meant that those weekly meetings became virtual. Using programs like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we could attend our meetings without having to leave our homes, and usually with our pyjama bottoms still on. These programs were a god send to those businesses that weren’t deemed essential enough to go to the office and the phrase “you’re on mute” became a very frequent one.

When you join a call on Teams, Zoom or a similar video conferencing program, you are automatically on mute. The meeting gets going and suddenly you have something to say! But of course, you forget you’re on mute and there’s the awkward moment of “Sarah... you’re on mute...” Let’s face it we have all been there! But how does the mute button work and are you really on mute? To the others in the meeting, you are, but how about to the online world? And how private are your meetings?

People who didn’t rea...

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