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Wedding anniversary traditions: The meanings behind them

Wedding anniversary traditions: The meanings behind them

The tradition of gift-giving for anniversaries can be traced back to the Victorian era, where it became normal practice to mark a couple’s silver and gold anniversary. However, as time went on, people and shop-keepers alike, looked at capitalising on earlier milestones. This is how we ended up where we are now, marking each year of a couple’s marriage as a reason to celebrate and exchange gifts.

But what are the traditional gifts for those first years of marriage? What is the meaning behind them and what modern gift ideas have taken over as the years have progressed? We’ve taken a look at the first 10 years and suggested what gifts you could give.

1st Anniversary- Paper

There are a few meanings behind the paper tradition, representing a blank slate and a clean canvas to begin your story together. The threads which make up paper are said to be a symbol of the blossoming connection between a newlywed couple. You could gift a scrap book; ready to fill w...

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