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Top Tips to bag cheap flights

Top Tips to bag cheap flights

We’ve definitely got one eye on the summer and being able to travel abroad this year! Having covered car hire, we turn our attention to cheap flights so that you can get the best value holiday. So, if you have plans to try and get away on holiday this year, then you won’t want to miss our guide to finding flights for a lot less.

1. Be aware about the remaining restrictions on travel

Let’s get the note of caution out of the way first. Although, at the time of writing, the restrictions are lifting and all countries have been removed from the government’s red list, the situation could change rapidly at any time. So, make sure that anything you book is flexible, that you have a right to cancel right up until the last minute and that you can either get a refund or transfer your flights to another date.

Also check the entry requirements of the country to which you want to travel, as they have varying...

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