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Cyber Crime during COVID-19

Cyber Crime during COVID-19

Cyber-crime is always a problem in an increasingly digital world, where we are all reliant on the realm of the online for everything from business operation to the everyday workings of our personal lives. However, the events of the last almost two years have resulted in a spike of this kind of fraud.

With the internet being ever-more vital for basic survival and the functioning of modern society during this period, cyber-criminals seized the opportunity to conjure up a whole new set of scams to exploit unfortunate folk. This kind of crime has swindled victims out of more than £2bn during the course of the pandemic, with officials logging a staggering 4.6million cases of fraud between January 2020 and June 2021, a rise of 28% in cyber-fraud cases from the previous year.

The pandemic has unfortunately created fertile ground f...

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