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Consumer Protection – things you NEED to know!

Consumer Protection – things you NEED to know!

1. Your online rights give you greater protection than if you were shopping in store.

Did you know that you have extra rights when shopping online, rather than shopping in store? That’s because consumer protection laws give you a 14-day cooling off period after you purchase the goods. So, you have a full 14 days to decide whether to return the goods and receive a full refund including any delivery charges you paid. You then have a further 14 days to return the goods, so up to 28 days to return the goods. Although bear in mind that you must signal your intention to return it within that initial 14 days.

It is still down to you to pay for the cost of returning the items. However, it does give you significantly more protection than shopping in store as shops are only obliged by law to take the items back if they are faulty. Most of the big names will have a return policy that allows you to chan...

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