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Buying from China

Buying from China

Ever thought about buying goods direct from China? You might have seen some Chinese sellers on eBay or Amazon, but did you know that you can buy direct from thousands of Chinese sellers from AliExpress? Often goods can be bought at a fraction of the cost, which is how retailers such as Poundland make a profit.

This method is great for items such as clothes, watches, stationery and accessories. There are lots of items to be had for less than £2, and that’s including the shipping. However, this tactic is not without its pitfalls, so here’s our guide to buying direct from Chinese sellers without getting stung.

How does Ali Express work?

Ali Express is by far the biggest website in China selling consumer goods online. The company is part of a larger e-commerce giant called AliBaba which sells in bulk. It accepts your payment for the goods you buy in the normal way, by credit or debit card. Howev...

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