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Are Free Services Really Free?

Are Free Services Really Free?

Companies that operate via the internet and offer free services make substantial profits every year. The growth in companies operating via the internet has grown massively in the past few years, with COVID meaning that online shopping became the norm. But there are websites out there that offer service with little to no cost, but still have incredible yearly turnovers. So how do they do it? This article will take a look at how they make money and what this means for you.

There are websites out there that we will all have used, offering free services. Websites like employment services where you can search the latest jobs, those that enable you to connect with family and friends, or gain access to news or information, and these sites are all making money.

Companies such as Google, Meta (who own Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), Yahoo, Twitter, Indeed and many more generate huge profits every year, but we don’t pay anything for them. So how are they gaining su...

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