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All you need to know about office ergonomics

All you need to know about office ergonomics

The rise of working from home and hybrid working models has brought employee comfort to the forefront. Many of us might have started the pandemic straining over our laptops, found perched on any old surface. But now, with so many of us becoming aware of the negative impact non-optimised workspaces can be on our physical health and workplace productivity, there has been a surge in interest in ergonomic products. With the return to the office, ergonomic design has also been put to the forefront, as businesses acknowledge that it is a key aspect of employee wellbeing.

What is ergonomics?

Broadly, office ergonomics intends to apply scientific research and principles to workplace design in order to maximise productivity and minimise operator discomfort and fatigue.

With 95% of an office workers’ day is spent in front of a computer, there are many health issues that can arise as a result of a poor working set-up. Prolonged sitting can pro...

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