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10 tips to secure your new phone

10 tips to secure your new phone

This autumn, with so many new mobile phone releases imminent, you may be thinking of treating yourself – maybe even in the Black Friday sales! Of course, with the rise of smartphones comes a variety of security concerns, given that these useful devices contain all sorts of sensitive information and access.

Phone security is an often-overlooked facet of everyday life, particularly as it is easy to overlook until it is too late. With so many of us heavily reliant on these little tools to conduct everything from personal affairs to our working lives, they are sadly a prime target for attack from cyber-attacks. This means that it is massively important to recognise the risks that come with usage, and to take active steps to mitigate these risks.

There are many ways threats can manifest using your mobile phone. They may originate from the web browser, through apps, networks, or by physical theft or manipulation. Although some threats cannot be o...

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