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BuyVia To Open First Physical Store on Oxford Street

BuyVia To Open First Physical Store on Oxford Street

London, United Kingdom - April 24, 2019 - BuyVia, the UK’s largest online discount club, is to open its very first store on Oxford Street in London. An online price comparison website, BuyVia can save consumers up to 50 per cent on products and services. Now, customers will be able to drop into a physical store and browse the latest available offers at their leisure.

BuyVia's flagship store on Oxford Street is part of a ten million pound expansion plan to bring their innovative money-saving service to high street shoppers across the UK. Their first store in London will open in summer 2019, followed by stores in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool over the next two years.

‘Each month, 200,000 customers save 10 million pounds with BuyVia when they discover the coupons, offers and discounts that are available. It seems entirely natural to bring our service to the high street', said Dale Lloyd, Founder of BuyVia. ‘BuyVia is a truly ingenious tool for consum...

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